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Ruby 1.9


Handlebars is a versatile templating language. This comprehensive tutorial introduces you to all of its features.


A brief look at how we do hiring at 8Rays Tech and lessons learned from our recent round.

Essential reading for the discerning Rails developer

A comprehensive reading list for Ruby and RoR developers compiled by our former team member Sridhar.

How to create embeddable widgets with Rails

A tutorial showing you how to add a youtube like embed code to your own application

How to estimate a project

For those with an application idea and those looking to implement the idea, here’s how to go about creating an time and cost estimate.

How to be a better developer: Lessons learned from non-programmers

My friend and a respected developer, Abhinav Saxena, delivers at talk to our dev team on what he learned working in the field with a varied set of clients.

Signs of a good developer

How to spot a decent developer when you see one. Some advice based on working with developers for more than a decade.

Entrepreneurship: 9 Lessons Learnt

My good friend Mayank Sharma delivered a talk at our office on his entrepreneurial journey.

How we do project management

A brief look at how we run projects at 8Rays Tech.

Book Review: Don't Make me Think by Steve Krug

A book review of one of the best books on design that every software developers should be required to read at least once a year.

How to tackle boilerplate coding in Rails

Speed up software development work by focusing on the creative pieces and automating the mundane and repeatitive.

Dead Simple CMS

A tuturial on how to let the business owners modify content pages in your application without adding a separate CMS plugin.

Rails testing 101

Learn how to do automated testing with Rails.