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Git and Rails - deploy from a branch

If you use git to manage your Rails project, perhaps sometimes you would want to deploy from a branch to your test server. Here’s how to do it.

Characters: From the eyes of computers

We all know computers are number crunching machines. But, how do they handle letters and words? How does a computer store and display your email and help you write a document? Learn about how the computer’s ability to handle numbers translate into its ability to process text by a sly trick.


Handlebars is a versatile templating language. This comprehensive tutorial introduces you to all of its features.

How to create embeddable widgets with Rails

A tutorial showing you how to add a youtube like embed code to your own application

DB Backups

A simple script to backup your MySQL database that you can use with Ruby on Rails based apps.

Background job processing in Rails with delayed_job

A full length tutorial on background queue management using delayed_job

What's a computer?

A very high level, but accurate introduction to computers for someone who has no idea of what to think of these ubiquitous devices.

File Formats

A gentle introduction to the technical topic of file formats and why everyone should know about it.