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Microservices Architecture

There is a growing tread of companies adopting the microservices architecture to solve their scaling needs. I have worked with SOA or microservices for many years and here are some of my thoughts about advantages and disadvantages of such a system.

How to read code

A significant part of a developer’s work is to read code written by others (or even code written by yourself whose memories have somewhat faded). Reading code is a skill and there are techniques using which you can improve your ability to read and understand code faster.

6 reasons why you need software for your business

As a business owner, it is often hard to justify the investment of time and money into a new software. Here are a set of criteria which any software must meet in order to be adopted and be useful to their customers.

Some advice for a beginner programmer

Recently one of the developers who used to work at 8Rays asked me for some advice about his career plan. We had several email exchanges and I ended up giving him lots of advice. May be some of them are generic enough to be useful to a wider audience. So, here it is.

How we do project management

A brief look at how we run projects at 8Rays Tech.