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Heilmeier Catechism

Back in 1970’s, DARPA’s director at the time, George H. Heilmeier developed a set of questions for new projects to answer in order to get funding. He himself called them “Heilmeier Catechism”. They are still valid today for investors, funders and for yourself to check if something is worth investing your money and time in.

How to estimate a project

For those with an application idea and those looking to implement the idea, here’s how to go about creating an time and cost estimate.

How to be a better developer: Lessons learned from non-programmers

My friend and a respected developer, Abhinav Saxena, delivers at talk to our dev team on what he learned working in the field with a varied set of clients.

Signs of a good developer

How to spot a decent developer when you see one. Some advice based on working with developers for more than a decade.

How we do project management

A brief look at how we run projects at 8Rays Tech.

Before you write that code...

Things to consider before you jump to implementation.