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The coming age of Robotics and Automation

We are entering the age of automation heralded by AI. There is imminent danger that humans will become redundant and Universal Basic Income has been proposed as a solution. How correct is the doomsday prophets and how good is the solution?

Talking to the future

Communicating a message to far out future is a problem that is still unsolved. It has been getting some attention because of the need to safely dispose nuclear waste which has a very long life. But, the problem is bigger than that.

Hello Lamp post, say something more please

A fun filled internet-of-things project in the UK involving objects in the cityscape. And some ideas to make it more useful.

Beautiful code

A personal perspective on what makes software code closer to art.

Why I am thankful for all the maintenance programming I did

A personal story on how doing bug fixes and maintenance helped me learn how to write better software.